GEA Awards 2019
Solving the energy paradox
#Branding #Event identity #Motion_graphics #Corporate_design
GEF Awards 2018 is an anual event hosted by the Cass Business School in London. GEA stands for Greek Energy Awards. The key objectives was to create a standalone brand that differentiates the Awards institution from the Forum host and to design a fresh, contemporary identity that will reflect the moving flow, strength and vitality of the various energy sources. The logo shape was inspired by the negative form of the actual award statue and and the identity pattern was generated from the event’s video transition effect.
Inspiration and design process​​​​​​​ | The Logo shape is inspired from the award statue - using the negative space to create  of the statue forms we designed a leaf like shape which was formed on the initials of the institute.  On the second stage we developed the main brand pattern, inspiration and elements was taken out from the still frames of logo animation transition.

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