BG Group for Wordsearch
Brisen Group 

#Webdesign, #UX, #visual system
The Brisen Group was formally established in 2013, as a private, owner managed
business. With offices in France, Germany, and Austria, the company’s headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland.
Over the past two decades, we have established a world-class network of partner organizations and individuals who bring exceptional technical expertise and proven experience, enabling us to deliver all our projects to the highest quality standards.
Wordsearch is the world's leading creative agency for real estate and architecture
During my contract at Wordsearch, I have been asked to take the design lead at the Brisen Group Account. The goal for the firm's website was to communicate who they are and their capabilities in a very clear and confident way - to develop a copy-driven website and a clear narrative that is easy to follow and doesn’t overwhelm the user. That approach was supported by a clean, modern layout design with subtle micro-interactions and page transitions that can be dialled up and down.​​​​​​​

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