The Dollhouse | 3d environments collection

The Dollhouse is the main set of ''The 3rd floor'' animated short film, 3/4 of the events are taking part here.
For direction purposes, it is built as one piece of interior facade to allow camera travelings from first to top floor and transitions 
from one room to another, through walls. The whole structure is a set of six different rooms, all designed as one model. 

Concept development & visualisation.

The house is designed to reflect both visually and chronologically the timeline and concept of the plot. Every floor works as an allegory of the film's main ideas, representing each one the concepts of Knowledge, Time & Genesis. The candle chandelier stands on the top of the house as an alternative sun, all the events will take place under it's light and through the shadows it generates defining also colour palette of the film.

KNOWLEDGE - The main character of the film is a young student who lives in the ground room. This room and the whole first floor symbolises the knowledge and education that an artist must get in early stages, in order to fulfill his artistic progress and vision.This set is designed to look less old and damaged, comparing to the rest of the house.
TIME - Time is necessary to pass so knowledge and experiences will be absorbed, leading to an artistic growth. in order to establish the timeline. Old wall textures and damaged floor are chosen to visualise the second stage of the creative progress. This set works also as a phycical gab between the main characters, defining the timeline of the events.
GENESIS - An old cellist lives in the room of the third floor. He could be indeed the future self of the young student or just a virtuoso with magical music skills and a dark  background  This room represents the final stage, the point where every artist faces himself, doubting about his abilities and talent. Art takes control over the artist and behaves as a single living soul.

The above collection of environments designed for my graduation 3d animated short ''The 3rd floor'' - It's a story about the process of the artistic growth, the time and the constant conflict with the ideal version of ourselves. My view on the horror fiction story ''The music of Erich Zann'' by author H. P. Lovecraft.

Synopsis: A young student moves in the oldest building of the town where he comes across with the only tenant, a deaf(!) cellist. Soon the magnificent tunes of the cello are going to reveal their evil nature. What happens when an artist gets lost on his talent and vanity? Is indeed the artist who controls his work or the work could take control over him? Could an art piece behave as a single living thing, growing on its own path through its creators body?

Written & Directed by Marilia Maz
Supervisor Professor Konstantinos Tiligadis

Screenplay Adaptation - Christina Maz, Marilia Maz
Modelling, Texturing, Animation, Compositing & Editing - Marilia Maz
Sound design - Giannis Damianos
Special thanks - & CG textures
Partner University - Technological Educational Institute of Athens

stay tuned - full film's projects is coming soon

- THANK YOU for watching -

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